About Us

Universal Preservation Hall is the Performing Arts Education and Entertainment venue for Saratoga Springs, NY. The restoration of the Saratoga Springs Universal Preservation Hall has been a true community project.

Thanks to a group of dedicated and visionary Saratogians who wouldn’t let the space be turned into a parking lot—we have been able to restore the 1871church into a true community space, adding to downtown’s vitality and continuation of a culture of the arts that Saratoga is coming to be known by. The 501(c)(3) organization, Universal Preservation Hall (“UPH”), is working to transform this gem of a historic building; generate commerce for downtown and surrounding businesses through street traffic, patronage of restaurants and shops as the theater goers head to concerts of all types, lectures, dance performances, theater productions, film festivals and film series, corporate meetings, art gallery events, etc.

We have sought the advice of theater, conference and concert hall professionals for the 13,000 square foot performing arts space to make sure we will not try to be all things to all people, but a focused performing arts hall catering to Saratoga, and our surrounding community.

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