Board of Directors

The Universal Preservation Hall is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization and is managed and directed by a volunteer board of trustees. The board of trustees meets bi-monthly. Our CEO, Philip Morris, leads both Proctors and Capital Repertory Theatre as well. 

Board Members

(as of September 2021)

Wallace Allerdice
Michelle Borisenok
Rob Coughlin
Sonny Bonacio
Evan deJonghe, Secretary
Reverend Rose Durr, Universal Baptist Church Representative
Robert Egielski
Beth Fecteau, Vice President
Kathleen Fyfe, President
Anthony Ianniello
Scott Johnson
John Karcher
Todd LaRoche
Stephen Kyne
Margaret Mount, Universal Baptist Church Representative
Michael Phinney
Jason Tepper, Treasurer
Anita Worth
Rachel Dunn

Emeritus Board

Reverend Minnie Burns, in memory
Sister Lucille Clark, in memory
Tom Lewis
Jeff Pfeil
Beth Smith
Sister Harriet Watson, in memory